The Georgian Legion was a volunteer force composed of Georgian military personnel, established in Ukraine in December 2014. It was formed to fight alongside the Ukrainian army against the pro-Russian separatists in the ongoing Donbass War. The Legion was part of the military cooperation between the militaries of Ukraine and Georgia, which began in 2014.

The Georgian Legion was trained by the Ukrainian military in Dnipro and Mykolaiv Oblasts in Ukraine. Training focused on infantry tactics, small arms and machine guns, sniper rifles, and anti-tank weapons, as well as combat engineering. The training also included topographic and terrain analysis, survival skills, combat medic training, and psychological preparation for the battlefield. Training was conducted in both Ukrainian and Georgian languages.

The Georgian Legion was equipped with Ukrainian-made weapons, including the AK-74M assault rifle and the Dragunov sniper rifle, as well as body armor, vehicles, and other equipment. It also received support from the Georgian government, with additional military supplies, including night vision equipment, communications systems, and ammunition.

In May 2015, the Georgian Legion was deployed to the Donetsk region in Ukraine. The unit fought in several battles, including defending the town of Schastya in the Luhansk Oblast and taking part in an assault on Donetsk Airport. In August 2015, the Legion was withdrawn from Ukraine and disbanded. In total, the Legion had around 700 personnel.

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