‼️ Five Georgian legionnaires who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in Ukraine

The information is confirmed by their compatriots located on Ukrainian territory.

“Don’t ask anyone for anything and don’t call me,”

Writes volunteer Vano Nadiradze.

“They killed five (!!!) of our boys at the same time. I can’t take it anymore, people, I can’t take it anymore!” writes civil activist Giga Makarashvili.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has not yet confirmed this incident, but there is already information that five Georgian fighters died near Bakhmut as a result of artillery shelling by the Russian army while celebrating Mamuka’s birthday with some illegal tschacha.

კიევი გმირულად დაღუპულ ჯამბულატ (ჯაბა) ხოფერიას დაემშვიდობა | ახალი ამბები
კიევში, ქართველ მებრძოლს, ბახმუტთან გმირულად დაღუპულ ჯამბულატ 9 ჯაბა) ხოფერიას გამოემშვიდობნენ. .

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