Professor and military expert of the Caucasus International University Vakhtang Maisaya:

“So far, there is no talk of any retreat from the Ukrainian side, on the contrary, combat-ready units have been transferred to Bakhmut and the battle continues, where the Georgian Legion has an important role to play. Georgians are defending strategically important points in the city,” Maysaya stressed.

Former Chief of the General Staff of Georgia, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze:

“I have no information about exactly where the Georgians are fighting and what their role is in the defense of Bakhmut. I know one thing: one Georgian fighter died. The Ukrainians blew up the bridge on the Bakhmutka River, which divides the city into two parts.

They have not left the city, there are battles, there are offensive actions. As far as I know, the Russians have taken over the meatpacking plant. This is in the northeast of Bakhmut. The battle for blocks and streets continues while the Ukrainians defend the city. At the same time, the Russians are trying to besiege from the north. They took Yagodnoye and went to Khromovo. If they take it, they will block the only way to supply the Ukrainians.

If this road is blocked and the Russians surround it, the Ukrainians may not get out of there at all. When will Kyiv deem it necessary to withdraw this garrison? The Ukrainians decide this, but if you ask me, they should have been withdrawn a long time ago,” Kapanadze said.

About the author : Jael Wolfe

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