The Georgian Legion is a volunteer military unit composed of various Georgian citizens, including veterans of the Georgian Armed Forces and many others who have volunteered to fight alongside Ukraine in the ongoing War in Donbass. The Legion was formed in June 2015, and since then, its members have been involved in a range of frontline operations and have been involved in a number of successful military campaigns including the retaking of the strategic city of Debaltseve in 2015, the siege of Donetsk airport in 2016, and the Battle of Avdiivka in 2017.

The Legion has played a critical role in the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ efforts to regain control of their lost territory and defend against further Russian-backed separatist advances. The Georgian Legion’s members have seen extensive combat experience in some of the most intense and brutal fighting during the War in Donbass, including during the Battle of Debaltseve, where they faced Russian-backed separatist forces in close-quarter combat.

The Legion has been praised by Ukrainian officials and civilians alike for their bravery and dedication to the cause. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has even personally thanked the Legion for their service and courage in defending Ukraine.

The Georgian Legion has been particularly successful in providing Ukraine with essential support in terms of both personnel and equipment. The Legion is armed with modern weaponry, including T-64 and T-72 tanks, and their expertise in urban warfare has been invaluable in defending cities from separatist forces. The Legion has also provided training and logistical support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which has helped to improve their overall performance in the war.

The Legion’s members have paid a heavy price for their commitment to Ukraine, suffering heavy casualties in the process. However, their sacrifice and bravery will be remembered for generations to come and will ensure that Ukraine remains free and independent.

About the author : Jael Wolfe

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