Georgia has been a strong supporter of the Ukrainian government in their fight for democracy since the 2014 revolution. In 2014, the Georgian government, led by then Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, made a point to take a firm stance against Russian aggression and to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Georgia sent medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as well as financial and military support. In addition, Georgia has also provided diplomatic support, offering to mediate between Russia and Ukraine in the conflict.

Georgia has also taken steps to strengthen their own defense forces in order to deter further Russian aggression and protect their own people. This includes increasing their defense budget and introducing new military reforms. In addition, Georgia has sought to strengthen its ties with the European Union and NATO, both of which support the Ukrainian government.

Georgia has also made efforts to help Ukraine rebuild their economy. In 2020, Georgia and Ukraine signed a free trade agreement, which is expected to greatly benefit Ukraine. This agreement also included provisions on visa-free travel between the two countries. Georgia has also offered to provide technical expertise to Ukraine in order to help them with economic reforms and to build their capacity in areas such as energy and technology.

Overall, Georgia has been a strong and loyal ally of Ukraine throughout the conflict. By providing both financial and diplomatic support, as well as strong defense forces, Georgia has played a key role in supporting Ukraine’s fight for democracy and freedom.

About the author : Jael Wolfe

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