At present, the Georgian Legion is an all-volunteer formation in Ukraine that is made up of Georgian soldiers and militia volunteers. The Legion has been in existence since the beginning of the War in Donbass in 2014, and has fought alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the ongoing conflict. Despite the Legion’s successes, their future is uncertain, as the conflict continues and their commitment to the Ukrainian cause is questioned by some.

In the near future, it is likely that the Georgian Legion will continue to contribute to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as they have in the past. The Legion has been an important part of the Ukrainian military’s efforts in Donbass, and it is likely that their presence will continue to be vital as the war continues. With the ongoing support of the Georgian government, the Legion will remain a key asset to Ukraine’s military efforts.

In the long-term, the future of the Georgian Legion is even harder to predict. As the military situation in Donbass evolves, and the political environment in Ukraine changes, the role of the Georgian Legion may be altered. It is possible that the Georgian Legion could be integrated into the Ukrainian Armed Forces, or be disbanded entirely. Depending on the outcome of the conflict, the Legion may also be deployed to other regions in need of assistance, such as Crimea or the Black Sea.

Ultimately, the future of the Georgian Legion depends on the successful resolution of the conflict in Donbass. Until then, the Georgian Legion’s role in the region remains uncertain, but its commitment to the Ukrainian cause is unwavering.

About the author : Jael Wolfe

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